a short and most unsubtle play

The Murder of the Unknown Child

[Man enters stage, looks exhausted]

[One by One, Demons enter stage]

[Demons start berating the man, mentioning his inadequacy at work]

[Child enters stage, looks happy, walks by man singing a song]

Man: Stop singing!

Child: I'm sorry mister, I'm just happy school closed early today.

[Child starts humming the song]

[Man shakes Child]

Man: I told you to stop singing!

[Demons start grinning and intensify their berating]

[Man strangles Child]

[Demons feign shock]

[Grim Reaper enters stage, sending Demons off stage one by one]

Grim Reaper: Dead, huh?

Man: Fuck, I didn't mean to.

Grim Reaper: Yet you did.

Man: Where you gonna take 'em?

Grim Reaper: Nowhere, they're dead.

[Man looks confused]

Grim Reaper: Finally quiet, hm?

Man: I couldn't take them anymore.

Grim Reaper: Don't get used to it. Monday they'll be there all for you again. Until then, it's just the two of us.

Man: You're my conscience.

Grim Reaper: You just killed a child.

Man: I didn't mean to.

Grim Reaper: Yet you did.

[Man looks remorseful]

Grim Reaper: You're already a murderer now, why don't go kill your boss, defeating the demons?

Man: I can't.

[Grim Reaper starts grinning]

Grim Reaper: Of course you can't. Cause you already bought into it, didn't you. And so afraid of losing. Rather kill a unknown kid than face your torment. Rather be the torment for the unknown beneath than face your tormentor above.

[Grim Reaper starts laughing, Man starts sobbing]

[Close the curtains]

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